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What do you do when the gang wears blue? …[T]his goes to this notion of how we frame and understand to perceive and receive the concept of terrorism. Terrorism is not something that’s done by people that are powerless and marginalized as a response to power and their marginalization. The word originates in the French revolution in direct association with the function of the State to maintain an order contrary to the interest of the people governed. That means, that all those things that were supposedly invisible… are maintained as operate realities and the social and economic order by the raw force, that is the terror of the State. That’s why the cop wears the gun on the hip. That’s why we have swat teams that have more fire power capacity than third world armies. They’re directed at us. We are maintained in order, in line by force of arms, that is to say – terror.
Ward Churchill | COINTELPRO & Terrorism  (via america-wakiewakie)
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